Freedom Movement And Freedom, Freedom And The Abolition Movement

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December 6th 1865 was a big day for americans, seeing as that was the day slavery officially ended when the 13th amendment was ratified. There were plenty of people who contributed and fought for the abolition movement such as john adams, aaron burr, alexander hamilton, and Elijah P Lovejoy, A journalist, minister, publicist, and most importantly, someone who spoke his mind. Lovejoy saw through the views of what everyone around him was taught to believe, and was not afraid to speak out on what he felt strongly about, such as women's suffrage, labor rights, and Abolitionism. As a minister and godly man, “They saw chattel slavery as an offence in the eyes of god”. Abolition in the 1830s was just blossoming to become a bigger movement, and…show more content…
After this encounter, he decided to flee to Alton, Illinois. There he ordered another printing press, which was again, destroyed by the angry mob. He tried another time to order a printing press, then had it get destroyed once more. On his fourth printing press, He was ready to protect it with his life. . The night of Lovejoys death, november 7th, 1837. A mob had stormed lovejoys warehouse with the intentions of destroying the printing press. Lovejoy was killed protecting it, And it was said by the alton mayor that he fired the first shot, killing a mob member before getting killed himself. After lovejoy did die, however, they still managed to destroy his printing press. You can see this as Lovejoy protecting his freedom of press. He knew what was right, he knew what was going on with the lynchings, and slavery was wrong in not only his eyes, but the eyes of god, and he was willing to risk his life to protect those beliefs. Abolitionists were living in fear at this point of time, Lovejoys death having shocked the city. There was such a shock at this time, there was no service for his death, He was buried in an unmarked grave in Alton cemetery, and even his own newspaper didn’t release an obituary. It was not until 1897 that he was given a ceremony and commemoration at the Alton cemetery, after slavery had been ended, which was something he had longed for. Lovejoys death inspired many
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