Freedom Of College Essay

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Freedom of speech is important for kids like me. I am a product of drug addicts and alcoholics. When I was seven my sister Mckaila was born, and from that day forth I had to be her mother. I had to stay home from school to take care of her, my parents were not capable because of their actions. When I was almost eight my father was sentenced to twenty years in prison. A couple months after I turned eight my sister and I were sent to my grandmothers, my mother had been sentenced to ten years in prison. It was terrible there, she is a hoarder and the house was disgusting, but I had no choice and nobody cared to listen to what I had to say. One day when I was at school I was called to the office. There I was approached by a tall man. I was scared because I had no idea what was going on. A fifteen minutes later I was forced into his car and on my way to a children's shelter, my sister was already there. Even though we didn’t like being with our grandmother it was something new and we were…show more content…
Wrong. The first time our freedom of speech right was violated was in 1918. When the sedition act was placed. The act was passed when John Adams became the second president of the united states. The act itself was to prevent anyone from criticizing the government, especially in the time of war. If you were caught criticizing or speaking bad about the government you would go on a trial and have to serve anywhere from five to twenty years in prison. Thats a lot of time to serve if you just say something about our government right? Some people think that’s fair because they shouldn’t be able to criticize our government, but in my opinion people should get over themselves and grow up. I personally love critiques and being criticized because depending on what people are saying maybe I have a flaw and when they critique me it can make me a better
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