Freedom Of Dress Code Research

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For many, school uniforms are a must, but from what I've discovered is that by letting your child choose their outfit, may be better for the child. Having gone to both uniform and non uniform schools, I can vouch that both experiences had their ups and downs, but I definitely preferred one over the other. Therefore, I will hence explain why freedom of dress code is the best thing you can give you children.

Clothes are the safest way to express one's self. While growing, what you wore was a reflection of who you were as a person. That's how you communicate with others you're an artsy person, really in to sports, or if you're a tomboy. When we get older, we want to seem more mature, and we show this, if we can, through dressing more mature. If you're not allowed to dress in what you want that express your feeling, you look for other ways to show others that your not a kid any more.

One way teens try to break away from childhood is dressing more mature. While some problems arise with this, no one gets hurt. When a student is not expressing his or her feeling in a healthy way, they will
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Middle school and high school are the first opportunities to find ourselves, and what we wear is a form of exploring the many personalities. Like whether you like to be a positive person, so you wear more bright colored clothes.You cannot do this with uniforms. Our style says a lot about who we are as a person, and we should be allowed to explore that person. If you've ever looked back at what you wore 3 years a ago, you would see that your style has changed, and you as a person has change. We wear black to show we're morning at a funeral, and more bright colors at a birthday party. Clothes are a non vocal way to tell others about who we are. I do not believe that uniforms in any way help express one's individuality, if they blend everyone into one stereo type
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