Freedom Of Expression Vs. Uncivilization Of Society

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Freedom of Expression vs. Uncivilization of Society The novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is a story about a young white boy, Huck, who befriends a runaway slave, Jim, while both are on their journey to freedom from the south in the early 1800’s. The author, Mark Twain, uses Huck to show the reader that it takes strength to make one’s own decisions and that a person should stand up for what is right. The episodes that occur on land are much different than the episodes that happen on the river. Not only is there a difference in the mentality of the characters, but in the actions they make too. The theme of land versus river is a major motif throughout the novel. To begin with, the river is thought to be a quiet and peaceful…show more content…
The two characters both see the river as meaning different things to them. To Huck, the river represents, no civilization which means no rules and that there is nobody there to tell him what to and what not to do. To Jim, the river symbolizes the freedom he hopes to soon have, and the freedom that the river will lead him to. As Huck and Jim are adventuring down the river, they come to the realization that they need each other to survive. Jim needs Huck to survive the trip down the river, and Huck needs Jim as a parental figure in his life. The river is the pathway Huck must take to mature in his life. The farther down the river the two go the more Huck’s maturity is strengthened. When Huck encounters the two men passing by on their canoe in the river, they ask him who is on the raft with him. Huck goes against what he knows to be right and replies, “He 's white”; this shows a sliver of the inner thoughts one has in the racist world back in this time (Twain 68). Even though the raft Huck and Jim are traveling on may not be the biggest means of transportation, the characters still feel as if they have plenty of room to express their freedom of words and actions. This is shown when Huck says, “other places feel so cramped and smothery, but a raft. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft (Twain 88)”. In the event that the two may run into somewhat of a problem, they can go back to their raft on the river and get away from the society in which
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