Freedom Of Information, Opinion And Expression

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12 Years A Slave and Hunger two are films by highly acclaimed director Steve McQueen. 12 years a Slave deals with the inequality and injustice that shook the African American Nation before the civil war. The film forces viewers to face the harsh reality of slavery while also being an unflinching look at human brutality and is an incredibly vivid and authentic portrayal of American slavery. His other film, Hunger, deals with the political injustice and unfairness experienced by the Northern Ireland republican prisoners, who were refused to be labelled as political prisoners; including the lengths that they were willing to go to in order to receive justice and freedom of information, opinion and expression. The two films have a common theme of facing and overcoming injustice and inequality, which can be seen as a reflection on McQueen’s values and highlight the experiences and unjust and often unfair lifestyle that McQueen experienced while growing up and becoming the artist he is today. McQueens first full length feature film, Hunger, begins with a prison officer, Raymon Lohan, starting to begin his journey to work. The audience is shown glimpses into his every day routines, including washing his bloody knuckles, having a cigarette and searching the underside of his car for possible bombs. Through these clips Margaret Thatchers condescending tone rings over the short snapshots of daily life for Lohan. ”There 's no such thing as political murder, political bombing or
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