Freedom Of Religion And Human Rights

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There is a common belief that everyone should have their own rights and freedom towards anything in their life, under a given law and ethics. Freedom to express and to survive have become a standard of living of any human kind. Those standards are inherently planted in any human being and being passed to their inheritance. These rights, as the time passes by, have been expanded and developed into higher and more moderate levels of rights, as given that people have been always seeking for a greater freedom in their own countries and societies. This eager desire for freedom is considered human nature or some sorts, but in certain region with a certain cultures, the ideas of freedom often considered as a false conduct. It was stated that “in the face of mounting tensions between different human rights concerns some observers even assume an abstract antagonism exists between freedom of religion or belief and certain other human rights, such as freedom of expression, gender equality, or LGBTI-rights.” (Bielefeldt 3).
The most recent phenomenon that have been causing so much debates and argument in the past decades which eventually ended up being legalized, gay marriage might be relevant for this matter. Many people, prior to this day, used to believe that the same gender relationship is a forbidden freedom, especially in the first-world countries, such as: US, UK, and some countries in Europe. Whereas, in the second and third world countries, gay marriage is still considered as a
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