Freedom Of Religion And The American Civil Liberties Union

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Freedom of religion has been a right guaranteed to individuals in society. However, it is ultimately just an idea put in place that is disregarded as something insignificant. The workplaces of many people choose to deny employees the right to express their religion freely, for fear it may leave a bad image for the company. It is apparent that freedom of religion is not a strong right as many people may have originally thought it was. The limits of this right have been tested for decades and continue to be an issue for people today. Freedom of religion may go on to exist as a right in society, but when investigating deeper into this privilege, it is evident that it is merely an idea taken for granted. The First Amendment to the…show more content…
Another item to take into consideration when talking about freedom of religion is the Establishment Clause. This clause does not allow for any portion of the government to choose to acknowledge a particular religion. As a result, the population is scrutinized for acknowledging religions practiced throughout the world. The government may not support a specific religion, but ultimately owes individuals the respect they deserve, even if they do associate with a particular belief. This happens in order to make religious freedom only a minor idea instead of the greater meaning of it as a right. Many schools and other religious organizations are ultimately not supported by the government, in order to maintain the separation of government agencies and religious doctrine (Your). Another important part of the First Amendment, is the recognition of the Free Exercise Clause. This gives individuals the right to select whether or not they want to be involved with a religion of their choice. This clause also gives security to those who want to be able to express their religion, without fear of harsh punishments inflicted by others. Unfortunately, many people do not express a specific religion due to the view society has. Since many people see the freedom of religion as only an idea, there is not much emphasis placed on protecting a right that should be the most
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