Freedom Of Religion In Public Schools

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What is freedom of religion? Is it freedom to use whenever and wherever you want? Or is it like some believe you can express your religious views but not in a public place where those that don’t want to hear it don’t have to. We need to take a stand. Our country is known for freedom, but there are also laws set forth to keep America neutral in some senses.
Conflict over religion in schools is not new just simply different. In the 19th century Protestants and Catholics fought over which Bible would be read in schools, now we are fighting over if any form of religious activities should be held in schools. There is much controversy within the state, school, and the people on whether or not religion should be private or public. There is
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The first area mostly affected in society dealing with religious values is teachers in their own classrooms. Teachers have goals for their students. Not only do teachers need to get students career and college ready, but the goal of public education is to shape students for the future. This takes more than just learning to read and the memorization of facts. The people that believe that religion should be allowed in school believe that students can gain from acknowledging God’s existence. They believe that the presence of religion in school teaches students positive morals and values. They believe that the removal of prayer and the existence of religion in schools is one of the reasons for an increase in crime in our schools. According to Danna Dunn “Since prayer was removed from schools in 1962 we have had a huge increase in violent crimes, divorce rates have tripled, births to single mothers have increased, teenage suicide rates have tripled, and SAT scores have dropped 80 points”(116).Taking religion out of schools might not be the cause of all of these problems, but it is certainly a cause. While religion in schools is good for the school, the public school system looks at religion as a…show more content…
The year 1700 ended the agreement that emerged in the British colonies of North America favoring religious tolerance.According to Tancia Andryszewski “Rhode Island and Pennsylvania were two of the first thirteen colonies that had pursued relatively liberal policies of religious tolerance”(9).This created a rippling effect through the colonies some excepted the new changes of the choice and others choose to continue with a secular religion. According to Steven Lake “The tripositive state law suggests the services must advance a secular purpose, the services must neither advance nor inhibit religion and the method of promoting services must not have excessive entanglement”(25). This gives reason to believe that others are going to struggle abiding by the laws set forth to support the claim of freedom of religion being enforced in the
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