Freedom Of Speech : America

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America is a land whose roots are nourished by equality, opportunity, and freedom. The first amendment that our forefathers sought to proclaim was that of freedom of speech. In doing so, all men were allowed to speak their minds, regardless of how it might impact someone else. This was a concept that was relatively marred since its conception in ancient Greece. Free loving nations have always sought to increase the happiness of its citizens, yet it has always failed. America is a benchmark of liberty that showed what a consensus of people with different backgrounds could do.
The concept would surely become Americas’ greatest asset. Freedom of speech generates a society where all ideas can exist and be heard, regardless of the content. This allows all people to conflict, exchange ideologies, and find common ground without threat of physical violence at any point. More importantly, this creates an open discussion where those of the same mind set can come together and work to try to produce their own utopia. New ideas and exchange cause a boom in technology and industry that propelled America into a world superpower within a short amount of time.
The first amendment also declares that all religion is free to practice as long as it does not interfere with another humans’ right to live. Religion was also restricted from directly interfering with the affairs of government. Even though it is inevitable that certain religious principles will seep through with the majority of the…
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