Freedom Of Speech And Free Speech

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Freedom of Speech can only go so far before it starts to impede the right of the others, and free speech does not come before other people’s given rights.. According to Steven J. Heyman in the article “Free Speech Has Limits,” freedom of speech comes tied together with respecting the freedom of other and the rights of other people (par. 4). The author goes on to say that cutting off other peoples rights in the name of free speech can be seen as wrongful and can be faced with consequences (par. 5). Heyman continues to explain that some hate speech can be a violation of a person’s basic right of being seen as a human being (par. 12). The hate speech that does this can cause injury to the dignity of being a human being, a right that everyone has and is granted from birth (par. 2). No other right should take that away. He goes further into this topic to say that if a form of speech violates another human’s right to live with freedom from violence, it should be limited and met with consequences (par. 11). Heyman suggests that to protect the rights of others free speech should be limited from infringing a right of another person, or when it is attacking another person or their rights (par. 18). Free speech also should take away the right of human’s to be seen as equals. A point in the argument about seeing other people as equals is stated very well in the article “Laws Against Hate Speech Are Justified.” “The fact that people can say such hurtful and demeaning things about

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