Freedom Of Speech And Moral Rights

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The evolution of society has created a conundrum based on the statutes that govern ideologies and beliefs. The extent of globalization has presented a united front based on a collage of cultural diversity and cohesion in the development of society. However, this has generated controversy concerning the extent of freedom of speech and moral rights. The cultural diversity has provided a basis to crossover the cultural, racial, and even gender boundaries that have allowed a sense of equality in society. In hindsight, this front has promoted the decline in moral obligations leading to inaccurate accounts of cultural diversity in the interest of generate societal appraisal. Therefore, freedom of speech and moral rights has become intertwined at a time when they should be separated. The case of a French cartoonist being killed by Muslim extremists is an example of the overlooked boundaries that exist in society.

Freedom of Speech: The right as provided by country statutes to communicate or present an individual’s ideas, opinions, and even beliefs.

Moral Rights: the rights bestowed on originators and/or creators of material protect by copyright laws that are acknowledged and observed by civil and even common law.

The two above definitions are vital to understanding the relation and difference between the two issues. Both are acknowledged as facets of law; however, due diligence must prevail in the extent of presenting the ideas that may infringe on one or the other. For example,…
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