Freedom Of Speech, And Possession Of Guns

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Political laws are set of rules that keep a country or nation together. It was existed for quite a long period of time, including when our ancestors were alive. All political laws were developed by governments, and they believe it was necessary to be passed them down for better human rights. These laws are usually justified for moral dress codes, freedom of speech, and possession of guns, etc. However, during the past years, France has been dealing with a political issue called the French Veil. It is a kind of law that the French governor believe could keep their people from behaving badly. Although France is dealing with a political issue, it has been affecting our society, such as women’s rights, religion, and social life events of people. Before explaining more about the French veil issue, we need to understand why it is happening. First off, the French veil is recognized as a law that begun in the early 2000s (Crosby). It was also the first major law in a European country to be passed. However, it main goal is to target Muslim women. In France, it is filled with a lot of immigrants; so the governments fear that it will affect their traditional culture. Every year, more and more Muslims come to live in France, as their “numbers increase in the past ten years (Honicker). In this case, they decided to pass the French veil law to ban Muslim women from wear their scarf in public, such as at school, shopping, etc. It made many women felt like their rights were taken, which
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