Freedom Of Speech By Ann Griffin

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Freedom of speech is a constitutional right that all of us hold dear, everyone uses it daily or not at all in some cases. Teachers however use it just as much, and there have been quite a few court cases establishing what rights to free speech teachers have. Examining the pros and cons of this situation regarding Ann Griffin was dismissed based on concerns from a statement regarding African-Americans and how the court should rule in this case. In the first proof the argument for her dismissal on the basis that she would not be able to treat others fairly based on what she said. Secondly, being that she would not be able to work effectively with her colleagues. On the other spectrum of the argument, her right to free speech and what are the limits regarding her free speech as a teacher? While finally coming down to her right to an opinion with her free speech in that workspace. Tying together what is ultimately the ruling on her case. Initially, in the dismissal of Ann Griffin, from her comment that she “Hated all black folks” it brought about evident items from such speech. These items leading to further discrimination of students stemming off the statement she made. Leading to one of the reasons she was dismissed from her job from the principal. The statement she made was one of public concern as it advocated that she would possibly discriminate. Example of this in Daniels V. Quinn, it is judged that if a teacher makes a statement about public concern, it can viewed…

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