Freedom Of Speech By James Dobson

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What is freedom of speech? Freedom of speech is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. Freedom of speech plays a big role in American lives because without freedom of speech people will not get to express their opinions about an individual or a person who holds a power position. Moreover, in articles like “Why I Am Voting for Donald Trump” by James Dobson, the author stays neutral throughout his article and he seems to be reaching both parties supporters. In “The Trump Possibility” by The New York Time Columnist, Roger Cohen the author expresses his opinion about Trump throughout his article in a manner that a Trump supporter will not even spend a second reading his article without getting offended by it. Both authors express their freedom of speech toward Donald Trump and his election for Oval office; but Dobson’s article was more effective at reaching his audience because he was objective to the issue about Trump getting elected to the Oval Office, and he stays professional throughout his article by providing facts and giving examples on how Trump will be an outstanding President. Dobson appeals, potentially, to people particularly Christians who do not like or support Trump, while Cohen only seems to be speaking to people who already dislike Trump. He achieves that by asking a question at the beginning of his article; the question states that “What are the strongest arguments for a Christian to support Donald Trump for the US presidency?…

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