Freedom Of Speech Should Be Regulated Essay

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Not only as Americans but also as Christians it is becoming more and more apparent that our speech is trying to be regulated. In college universities across the country those that share certain views are targeted, and sometimes assaulted in the name of “free speech”. But that is the problem in of itself; people are targeted for using their freedom of speech to express their own ideas that some deem “offensive”, and when those people are harassed and sometimes physically assaulted the perpetrators claim freedom of speech to protect them. Cancelling speakers at universities because their views may be offensive to some students are hindering those students to think for themselves and to consider opposing views. Instead, parameters are being put on the First Amendment to regulate what is considered “free speech”, and what is considered “hate speech”. But, when regulations are put on the freedom of speech, is it really freedom of speech anymore? Thankfully, America is not as bad as most European countries in thought policing, where in those countries citizens can be arrested for saying, or even tweeting something that is deemed “offensive”. Not to mention countries ruled by dictators, such as North Korea and China, who have…show more content…
But how can one expect to learn and grow when certain topics and views are taken away and can’t be talked about? To think I may not be able to write a paper or give a speech in a college auditorium using some personal views or mentioning Christianity in fear of being failed by my professor. It is no longer freedom of speech, which is defined as “the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint”, but a form of speech where only certain views are tolerated and deemed acceptable because other views are deemed hateful and
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