Freedom Of Speech : The Definition Of Civil Liberty

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Civil Liberty, a freedom guaranteed to all American Citizens, but not really. It’s obvious, really! Just look harder into society and one will see the clear truth Civil Liberty is the freedom that any and all U.S citizens can exercise customary rights. Customary rights are the ones stated in the bill of rights, things such as freedom of speech. If one were to look closer or just watch the news they would understand how this is false ant the real definition of civil liberty is that one may exercise their rights if someone of higher authority feels as though its okay for them to do so. An everyday example would be in public, when one person is talking to someone about something and another person asks them to stop because they are not comfterable with what they are talking about. Do to human decency most people will stop talking about that and act as though its no big deal but one doesn’t realize is that this is actually violation to your civil liberties, It would be going against your right of freedom of speech. Freedom Of Speech allows you to express your voice at anytime, even though in this situation the person is not speaking pubilicy they are still expressing their thoughts and opinions torwards someone. So if that person really wanted to they could keep having their conversation and tell the other that it is their right and it cant be taken away. A less commom example but a more important example would be the case of Greece V.S Gallaway the united states supreme court ruled that during legislative seeions that town council
Meetings would open with a prayer. While only inviting Christians to give these prayers they began to turn dow other minority faiths and athiests. Pushing and forcing religion on to one is what the supreme court was doing and this would be a violation of a magor customary right, freedom of religion. This would be a violation of freedom of religion because freedom of religion allows one to express which ever religion they choose and in these meeting people were only allowed to express Christianity. This is an important example to include because it shows one that just because it’s the government doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to them. If one were to

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