Freedom : Religion, Freedom, And Freedom

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When America adopted the term Freedom, as far back as the country’s founding. To how we as a nation obtained freedom and the patriots who had to fight several wars in order to continue to possess it. As citizens and members of a society, we are extremely fortunate to have several different types of freedoms. Although this is a good thing in some cases, there comes to a point where too much freedom can be dangerous because there would essentially be no protection for the people. To prevent this from happening, we give up particular freedoms and swap it for safety. The freedoms that are most important to me are religion, economic, education, and gun control. With that being said, there should be the same “restriction” on each of the freedoms, no acts of violence will be condoned. Supporting religious freedom is the fundamental right to practice your preferred religion or no religion. When separating the church and state, it avoids religious clashing that is known to have torn other nations apart. The benefits are providing a sense of meaning, purpose, and identity. However, if the government was to not impede on the freedom of religion, they can’t penalize you. For example, in some cases where people might perform an unethical act, such as sacrifices, they can change their religion to the one that fits their beliefs and has okayed their actions. By not having this freedom regulated can justify people’s religion as an excuse for their wrongdoings. We should be allowed to
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