Freedom Riders: 1961 And The Struggle For Racial Justice?

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One of the main things I learn from “Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice” is that no matter how bad things get, you should never give up on your dream. I think it's a concept the author doesn't really talk about, he focuses on the struggle and describes to us how bad it was for them, but what he doesn't notice is how he portrays the determination they had and the values they were taught. The author mentions the values the NAACP had and what they stood for, but he really doesn't tell us they weren't quitters. Nowadays we have many people can do great things, but because they are being discouraged by difficult situations of life they don't do much. I see a generation full of potential, but who also gets discouraged very easily, …show more content…

We tell our children to be the alpha male and to do whatever it takes to be the first, to get what they want, but in reality it isn't that way.Life sometimes not matter how tough we want something or no matter what we do, we don't always get it, and when this happens, it taught us that we didn't try hard enough or that there is a way to get it. Many people refer to illegal ways or more comfortable ways to obtain what they think they need, and will step on others ways so to make room for themselves. The freedom riders wanted justice, but they didn't recur to violence, they protested peacefully.We watch it nowadays with many African Americans, they protest, but they cause damage to other cities, let's look at Michael brown, he was a young man who shot because “the cop was racist”.This is what the media tell us but in reality, it's not that way Mr. Brown was shot after hitting the police officer, he was merely trying to defend himself. After the judge ruled the cop was not guilty, many people protested. What this event cause were many riots and one of the worse happen in Montgomery. The Montgomery riot leads to many catastrophes, violence and destruction around the city. I understand the subject of matter is a serious one, but one cannot reoccur to these barbaric methods to solve this issue. One can learn the best way to resolve conflicts of this matter is to peacefully protest, one can “break” the law which mistreats others as the freedom riders did the ride busses to the deep south where no other African American had gone. I think our generation needs to learn this concept and that is that no matter how bad a

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