Freedom Riders : The United States

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Freedom Riders were activists who rode interstate transports into segregated southern states. The Freedom riders started their rides in 1961. They additionally rode into the southern states to backing up the decisions of the United States Supreme Court in many court cases ruling segregation unconstitutional. The Southern states disregarded the decisions and the federal government did nothing to help in the implementation of the laws. The first Freedom Ride left Washington, D.C., on May 4, 1961, and was scheduled to arrive in New Orleans at some point on May 17.
The Boynton case, which ruled that segregation on public transportation such as buses was unconstitutional, outlawed segregation in the restaurants and waiting areas in terminals that served buses that drove across state borders. About five years before the ruling, the Interstate Commerce Commission had issued a ruling in another court case that had denounced the Plessy v. Ferguson doctrine of separate but equal in interstate bus travel. The Interstate Commerce Commissioin failed to enforce its ruling, and Jim Crow laws remained enforced throughout the South.
The Freedom Riders tested this decision and poor implementation of the law by riding the buses in the South in blended racial groups to test neighborhood laws or traditions that upheld seating segregation on buses. The Freedom Rides, and the brutal responses: stirred outrage, and supported the Civil Rights Movement. They called national attention to the…
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