Freedom Road By Howard Fast Essay

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Freedom Road by Howard Fast
Freedom Road is book written by the renowned novelist Howard Fast. Fast has written many novels including Citizen Tom Paine, Spartacus and April Morning. Fast’s career was a bit controversial because of his affiliation with the Communist Party USA and his time spent incarcerated because of this affiliation. This did not deter Fast from utilizing his creative abilities in writing novels. He wrote his most famous novel Spartacus while incarcerated. Howard Fast died on March12, 2003. Freedom Road follows the life of a former slave named Gideon Jackson during the Reconstruction Era of the United States. Jackson, a newly emancipated slave from South Carolina, is the central figure in Fast’s novel. He ran away to fight for the Union and his freedom during the Civil War. Jackson faces many trials and tribulations on his road to understanding what this freedom means for himself and his people. Being a natural leader of his fellow slaves at Carwell Plantation, Jackson is selected as a delegate to represent his district in the formation of the South Carolina Constitution. Like many slaves, Jackson is illiterate and maintains many misconceptions about what his role is or will be in this endeavor. Thrust into a fast moving and changing world that has been alien to himself and other slaves, Jackson must adapt quickly. With the aid and encouragement of several of his friends and acquaintances, Jackson learns to read and write in what can be
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