Freedom Should Be Demanded Research Paper

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Freedom should be demanded instead of given. Freedom should be demanded because citizens would not be grateful or take it seriously. Another reason(,) because people will not treasure it as much. Also(,) citizens will not realize that it means so much from what our ancestors did. Freedom should be given for many reasons. Citizens would not be grateful or take is seriously. Citizens would not be grateful. They would not realize how hard our ancestors worked to get our freedom. We would not feel the need to work hard in everything we do. As said in “ The March on washington” it states “ it came as a joyous daybreak to end the long nights of our captivity”. This quote tells us something our ancestors had to go through in order to get our freedom. Freedom should be demanded because people will not treasure it as much. Ways people will not treasure our freedom is they would feel that they would have no reason to work hard. Another reason is that they would feel like a slong as they have their freedom they would not have to put forth the effort. As said in the story “Nobody Turn Me Around” it says “ In what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation”. This quote shows what our ancestors had to do for our freedom.…show more content…
We would not be free or be able to do some of the things whites do if our ancestors did not fight for our freedom. Back then our ancestors were known to be slaves as of today we are not slaves because our ancestors faught. This shows the freedom was not just given to us we had to fight for it. As stated in “ I Have A Dream” Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech on how our freedom was meant to be. Though as critics argue if freedom was given life would be much more peaceful. In my opinion, Freedom should be demanded for many
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