Freedom Summer Comparisons with Era of Reconstruction

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Freedom Summer comparisons with Era of Reconstruction With the end of the Civil war, many blacks felt that they would start reaping the benefits that had been denied from them for years. Being able to vote, own land, have a voice in political affairs were all goals that they felt were reachable. The era of Reconstruction was the "miracle" they had been searching for. But the South wasn't going down without a fight and blacks would have to wait at least 100 years for Freedom Summer to arrive to receive the "miracle" they wanted. 100 years it took for equality to become more than just a word but a way of life for blacks. But they did enjoy some privileges that weren't available to them. Voting is one thing that was still around…show more content…
Some say it served its purpose while others disagree. To me Freedom Summer and the Era of Reconstruction are two parts of the same story: white superiority over any race they felt was inferior. Would Freedom Summer have been as big as it was had it been three black guys instead of two white and one black? One could agree with that. The fact of the matter is this: the South wasn't going to change for nobody. If it meant dragging the entire country down with them, so be it. They were not going to change hundreds of years of history and a way of life just because the federal government and civil rights protesters said otherwise. So what if they killed hundreds of people and destroyed thousands of lives, to them it was well worth it. The Era of Reconstruction and Freedom Summer paved the way for other blacks and minorities to continue fighting the fight for equality; a fight that we are still fighting amongst ourselves
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