Freedom : The Freedom Of Freedom In America

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Freedom is an amazing thing in day-to-day life no matter where you go, Imagine the world without freedom? In the 1700’s to the 1900’s America fought for 300 plus years and established freedom. The most effective way to get freedom is to make rules, make sure the people obey the rules, and have the people Government for the people. because without rules you wouldn’t have freedom at all but despite all these laws and rules, the world or even the USA has never one hundred percent had freedom at all.

Establishing Freedom is hard, per example; South Africa in the 1960’s-1980 in the Mandela era had laws but never 100% got freedom, The United States of America was like that for short time period in history. The patriots established freedom and took almost 5-10 years, the finally got the freedom they wanted due to a document called “The Declaration Of Independence”. Our founding fathers wrote the document trying to prove a point that the British were being Brash and amazingly harsh, this gave the Patriots zero to none freedom. “For taking away our charters, abolishing our most valuable laws” (20, 24 Dec Of Ind, Thomas Jefferson). Jefferson is saying that to set up freedom you can’t do these things that the British are doing. Mostly due to the fact you’re taking freedom away from various people and being a tyranny, another thing that the Declaration of Independence does beside calling out King George on his brash unfree Society, it also “Secures” American freedom with
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