Freedom: The Rise Of The Black Power Movement

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The rise of the Black Power Movement can be traced back to centuries of African Americans fighting for their rightful freedom and equality. The struggles of African Americans: centuries of slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation and oppression together formed the roots in which allowed for the birth of the Black Power Movement.

Slavery in America came to an end along with the end of the Civil War, resulting in the restoration of the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth Amendments, which were constructed to fortify equality to recently liberated slaves. Despite the abolition of slavery and the promises of new hope in America, black people continued to be robbed of their rights equality and freedom for another century, just as was the case since they had been forced into slavery centuries before. Thus, the abolition of slavery falsely implied that black people be provided with their rights to freedom and equality, but in reality the struggle for these rights had only just begun and would continue along with more suffering, hardships and determination.

The Jim Crow era emerged in the 1800’s and was employed by many whites mainly in the South in an attempt to, legal or not, uphold white political and cultural domination over black people. Black people in the
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This shift guided the downfall of black legal and political rights. In 1896, the Supreme Court in the Plessy v. Ferguson case endorsed legalized segregation. The Plessy decision established the courts verdict that public accommodation should be separate but ‘equal’. Black people received separate public schools, transport services, water fountains, restaurants and hotels. Plessy v. Ferguson implied a segregation of blacks and whites on the terms that such segregation was equal on both parts, and thus it failed on its second greatest task – quality was not
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