Freedom Therapy : A Psychological Intervention For People Facing Serious Illness

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Chapter 1- Introduction Dignity therapy was developed by Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov in Canada and it is a psychological intervention for people facing serious illness; focuses on dignity conservation tasks and address their emotional and existential need for the end of life patients (Fitchett et al, 2015). In dignity therapy patients completed systematic life review that captured the loveliest and most important moment, the lesson they have to learn in life and any dreams and hopes they haves for their loved one in the future. And the life systematic review is recorded, transcribed and edited to create an official legacy document, and it is can be given to patients as a gift and it can be bequeathed to patient’s families as a remembrance.…show more content…
Both physical and psychological lose that leads patient losing dignity. Chochinov et al (2002) describe a model of dignity that is related concerns (symptoms, psychological distress, uncertainty, death anxiety, and independent). How to address the psychological problem of patients with end of life and protect and respect patient’s dignity are required in professional nursing care, this is related to NMC (2015) code that all registered nurses should respect patient as an individual and promote and protect the dignity of patients. Also improving the care of the dying is one of the most important priorities in NHS (DH, 2008). RCN (2008) highlights dignity is concerned with how people fee, think and behave in relation to the value of themselves and others. To treat the patient dignity the way that is respectful of them as valued individuals in a non-judgemental environment. People received palliative care are one group who may have particularly sensitive needs in term of their condition, symptom, psychological problem and life expectancy (Gustafsson et al, 2014). As the health

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