Freedom Vs. Control Essay

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Freedom vs. Control
Savannah Mooring
East Carolina University

November 22, 2015

This paper is in partial fulfillment of the requirements of ENGL 2201. Ethics is defined as standards of moral judgment and professional conduct. Nurses are highly important to patients and the entire profession. It is important they have a understanding of various ethical issues they will face during their careers. In nursing ethics patients have an inherent right to physical autonomy wherever possible, and this includes a human rights and the need to allow informed consent. The law of informed consent implies the notion of autonomy, or patient freedom.
Patient restraints are a huge ethical issue in nursing. Many people believe it is a cruel and unusual punishment. However, restraints can be very beneficial if used in the correct way. Restraints may be used for those who at risk to harm themselves, other patients, or the staff. The forms of patient restraint include, chest straps, arm bands, and even sheets being tucked too tightly. The restraints could be used during a procedure or a routine feeding. Restraints may have very negative effects if used incorrectly. Patients may become physically harmed, they can have bruises, scratches, broken bones, and may even asphyxiate. They become embarrassed, anxious, and disillusioned (Gastmans & Milisen 2005). Physical restraint is defined as the use of any object or piece of equipment that is attached to or near the body of a person and
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