Freedom Vs. Free From Oppression

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While learning world history, there is a point when one encounters the question of freedom. What is freedom? Different meanings are attached to freedom, especially when one questions what exactly they are free from. Free from slavery? Free from dept? Free from oppression? There are so many different types of freedom, that it 's hard to just give out a sentence and claim 'that 's freedom '. However when looking at America a clear vision of freedom appears and it does so mostly because of its history. The United States prides itself in being a free nation. 'Murica and freedom, are words tied to each other, especially now in the twenty first century. But is America free? Throughout American history, the notion of freedom has changed…show more content…
Most Colonizers were sent over by a monarch or a government that had control over their actions in America. They were there under orders but they clearly shared the view of the Natives when it came to the land considering history shows they treated land as if were there, free for the taking. Regardless, the main form of freedom present was freedom of religion. Which colonizers demanded but gave none to the Natives; “preachers and magistrates refused to grant freedom of worship to those who held different beliefs”2. After all, must colonizers had gone to America to free themselves from religion oppression. A Spanish monk tried to preach acceptance; “God has created all these numberless people to be quite the simplest... without strife nor tumults; not wrangling, nor querulous, as free from uproar, hate and desire of revenge, as any in the world.”3 But those words were mostly rejected, possibly underlining a problem that would grow in the following years with the forming of the United States. Race. It 's when trade begins with West Africa that there is a clear definition of what freedom is not; slavery. Slavery is the dark past the States will probably never escape from. Though it has been a part of many nations, it holds so much more significance in the United States due to its ties with the shaping of the nation. At first, “Europeans Christians justified enslaving
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