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The film “Freedom Writers” is an intense and heartfelt story about a gang life between a teacher who wants a better education for her students and dedicates herself to the school. It is based on The Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell. It is directed by Richard LaGravenese and release in 2007. The genre are drama, biographical film, crime Fiction and Teen film. The film was produced by Danny Devito, Mechael Shamberg and Stacey Sher. It was written by Richard Lagravenese and is edited by David Moritz. The cinematography was provided by Jim Denault and music by Mark Isham, and RZA. It had a budget of $21 million USD but made $43.1 million USD at the box office.The main lead actors are Hillary Swank (Erin Gruwell), April Lee Hernandez (Eva Benitez), Mario (Andre Bryant), Jason Finn (Marcu), Imelda Sataunton (Miss Campbell), Deance Wyatt (Jamal Hill), Jacyln Ngan (Sindy), Hunter Parrish (Ben), and Patrick Dempsey (Scott Casey-Erin’s husband). The theme of the movie is about inspiring and overcoming the life of a group of class as Ms Gruwell came a crossed. Ms Gruwell inspired them by giving a book to read “Anne Frank’ Diary” and a journal. The movie take place in Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in Long Beach, California. Erin Gruwell is an English Teacher who has just started her first teaching job. At first, her students do not like her because she is white and has lived a different life to her students. Many of her students were in gangs and had broken

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