Freedom Writers Movie Review Essay

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Christy Hulett
Mrs. Anderson
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22 March 2013 Replacing Buses with Notebooks: Freedom Writers worth Admission Price At first glance, Freedom Writers seems like an overdone cliché and knowing that it was produced by MTV does not help. The film is about kind-hearted, strong-willed teacher who signs up to teach a class of hardened gang members, drug dealers, and the like. After watching Freedom Writers you realize that it was worth the $6 admission. The positive, uplifting messages and struggles of each unique character can teach us all a lesson. Based on a true story, Freedom Writers stars Hillary Swank as Ms. Gruwell, a white teacher who accepts a teaching job at Woodrow
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Because of this she hates everyone. No one was consistent in her life. Even her father, who she admired, abandoned her when he went to jail. Every student in the class was facing a war of their own and learned not to trust anyone around them. This made it believably difficult for them to open up to Ms. G. As the movie unfolds, we see many struggles and instants of courage. There are bleak moments and proud ones and the journey is emotional to say the least. Definitely watch this movie if you have two hours to kill. Scratch that. Even if you don’t have two hours make time to go see “Freedom Writers.” None of the actors are going to win Oscars, but at least they made the characters memorable. We will forever remember Andre, the homeless teenager whose face is full of vulnerability and passion, and Mario the angry drug dealer. There will be moments of borderline cheesiness, but you aren’t watching the movie for the acting. You sit down in that creaky movie theater chair to be entertained with stories of heartbreak and war and loss. You’re there to be inspired; to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The powerful first-person narratives are sure to inspire through subtle and some not so subtle messages. Each character has a unique story that they bring to the table (err, screen). “Freedom Writers” will be a must-see in no time. Watching Ms. Gruwell’s relentless
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