Freedom Writers by Erin Gruwell

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This diary entry is about a teenage girl that was in class and they were discussing the double standards for men and women. They listed some examples like a man can get away with whatever they want, but when a woman does the same, then they get degraded. Ms. G introduced the word misogyny which is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. I have same views and I can connect to what the female in this dairy entry is saying. I can connect because in history women have been left out and put down because they have something that men don’t. That shouldn’t make them different from anyone else.
They are also seen as sexual objects in music videos and in lyrics of songs which should be stopped. A woman once said, "Women should have equal rights. Sexual preference should not matter. Gender roles should be eliminated. Self expression should be limitless." That quote should be spread to every man and woman because in this day and age we need equality, not just based on our gender. But rather in other things such as race/ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, and etc. Another thing is items and clothing and what’s “acceptable” for females. For example, there was a woman flying from Las Vegas and she was confronted by an airline employee for showing too much cleavage. Since when do you have to a “dress code” before going on to a plane. This why we need equality.
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