Freedom from Slavery Essay example

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This place was terrible. They took our clothes away, forced hundreds of us into tightly packed rooms, literally stacked on top of one another like a can of sardines. I was missing you all so much and needed you at the time for comfort. I could not stand it anymore as we rocked back and forth, weeping and angry. As I was bleeding terribly, I forced myself to unlock my hands from the chain. At that point I didn’t care how much pain I was in, all I wanted to do was escape. When I finally did escape and free the others, this raging power came upon me to takeover the ship. The others and I killed all but two of the Spanish on the ship. It felt good to let out all the anger that was built up inside of me and I felt accomplished and powerful.…show more content…
To me and the others it felt like complete failure. I thought that was it for us and that I would not see daylight again. This also caused great disappointment. I felt so powerful taking over the Amistad, but then at that moment it just went all downhill. When they sent me to prison, frustration built up inside of me. There were many reasons for this frustration. Why was I in there? I was sold as a slave, which was not legal by any means. Most of all, what were they saying to me? I could not speak or understand English, so that made it so much worse. I started getting anxious to get out of prison and just get the trial over and done with. Thankfully, a friend of mine learned English and was able to translate. This made things so much easier. When we finally entered the court, I was a nervous wreck, but I could not show my emotions to the people. All of my feelings were bottled up inside of me, that I felt the need to let it all out at once. I started a chant to free us slaves that made me feel on top of the world. We won the trial! Words cannot even explain how my heart warmed up inside of me the moment the judge made the call. My people and I were just so jovial and surprised because we did not expect this at all. I was not expecting that the court in America would rule in my favor, an African. There was a catch though. It was all too good to be true. After I learned that my case was going to be retried at the Supreme
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