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One of the most controversial parts of the First Amendment of the US Constitution concerns freedom of expression. Some Americans, such as the Libertarians, feel there should be no censorship. On the other end of the spectrum are more conservative people, many religious, who believe there should be strict limits on what can be published. Most people would agree it is a bad idea to publish or put on the Internet the plans for homemade bombs, biological weapons, or other devices which may be used to kill or maim someone. But in the name of freedom of the press, this information is available. Censors would like to make this practice illegal, because it may facilitate a crime. Others say criminals will always find a way to do what…show more content…
Another touchy area of censorship is national security. Some people think the government should be open and give out all the information it has about everything. Others realize, however, that in the interest of national security, there must be some things that remain secret, especially in the case of war and C.I.A. matters. A freedom of expression issue has come up in the last few weeks at Zeeland High School. A student was expelled for wearing a T-shirt with the name of the rock band "Korn" on it. The policy of the school is that no one can wear a shirt with "Korn," "Tool," or "Marilyn Manson" on it. The American Civil Liberties Union promptly offered the student a lawyer and said they would fight for his rights. However, another lawyer was quoted as saying, "To think that any student has the same civil rights once they walk through the school door is absolutely untrue" (Rupke 5). This idea was upheld in the Hazelwood decision, which said it was okay for a school administrator to remove stories from the school paper if he or she objected to them. Still another student was expelled last week from a Georgia high school for wearing a Pepsi shirt on "Coke in Education Day." Administrators said it was embarrassing to them, because officials from the Coca-Cola company were at the school that day. Apparently high school students have little or no rights of expression or press while they are at school. Another question that is raised about freedom of speech

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