Freedom of Religion

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Freedom of religion is attacked more and more every day. In America religious freedom has not been threatened near as much as in China. America’s freedom of religion has not been taken away, yet, but in China and North Korea the people of the countries do not have the freedom of religion that they should be given. Americans freedom of religion has been protected by the First Amendment for hundreds of years. There are two clauses in the First Amendment that protect Americans religious freedom. The Establishment Clause, which states that the government has been prohibited to establishing one official religion. It also states that the government cannot prefer and force one religion over another (First Amendment, Law cornell education). Also, the Free Exercise Clause, which states that the government cannot forbid the free exercise of religious practice (Freedom of Religion in the United States, Wikipedia). Because of the First Amendment, as of right now, Americas freedom of religion can not be taken away. It states that all people are able to practice and follow the faith of their choice, or follow and practice no faith at all (Religion & Belief). All Americans have the right to express their religions and worship God in their own way as long as what they say they believe does not go against any other law. If someone says their religion believes and practices having more than one wife or using illegal substances, then that is a case in which their freedom of religion would
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