Freedom of Speech Essay

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Freedom of Speech

With varying opinions and beliefs, our society needs to have unlimited freedom to speak about any and everything that concerns us in order to continually improve our society. Those free speech variables would be speech that creates a positive, and not negative, scenario in both long-terms and short-terms. defines Freedom of Speech as, “the right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference, subject to the laws against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion, etc.” Freedom of speech is also known as free speech or freedom of expression. Freedom of speech is also known as freedom of expression because a person’s beliefs and thoughts can also be expressed in other
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It turned out to be a “yellow journalism”, which is journalism that is turned from the actual truth to stir up drama. He got fired because he did not state that his views are not the views of the school that he is a professor at. [pic]Image 1. Showcasing the image used by Many “Freedom” movements

Not being able to speak freely about religion is like locking our mouths in a cage. As Sami Al-Arian, the professor that got fired, said, “Many people have pleaded with me to simply remain silent. This is exactly what my critics want. Some think that there are powerful groups that are out to get me. My answer is simple. I believe in freedom of speech now more than ever. I believe that people have the right to hear what some may consider "unpopular" views as much as I have the obligation to express my beliefs and opinions.” Since we have freedom of speech, why should he have to be silent? The reason is not because he would be “punished” by the government per say, but his words could hurt him in the long run for things such as getting another job or where he wants to live. Even sad things such as hate crimes could affect him because of him speaking his mind. Therefore, freedom of speech comes with a cost, and is not really free. In the professor’s case, the cost was him losing his job, and maybe even other things. Of course, as with all things, there should be limitations to
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