Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace Essay

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Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace Since the public has logged onto the internet there has been vast amounts of information available. Since the 1990s more and more countries have entered into the information age. Due to the lack of freedom of speech in several countries, censorship has now taken on a prevalent role in the suppression of information. Many countries view a great deal of information as a threat if put into the wrong hands and as a consequence attempt to reduce its availability. However, unlike many of its other counterparts, the United States takes a very liberal stance towards the access if information on the Internet, which is protected by the First Amendament. In contrast to this philosophy, the Saudi Arabian…show more content…
The CIPA takes a different approach then the regulations or laws which have been repealed in the past. In past some legislation held owners of pornographic sites criminally responsible for their content, such as children pornography. But these types of legislation have been repealed on the bases that it infringes on a person’s right to freedom of speech. The CIPA address federal funding and it limits federal funding to public libraries which do not have filtration systems to help protect children from harmful sites such as pornographic sites. The CIPA has held up in the Supreme Court since the government does have the ability to attach responsible requests prior to granting federal funding, also if a person required a site to be unblock to facilitate research then it can be done[iii]. With all the types of legislation in the United States there are many civil liberties organizations which will confront the legitimacy of these laws or regulations, such as the ACLU. Even with these types of regulations there is legislation such as the Global Internet Freedom Act which helps subvert efforts of filtration or censorship programs[iv]. With the expansion of the Internet and increased availability it has advanced society and lowered borders between states and continents. People can communicate with other people cheaply and businesses can offer services previously not available to a region. With all the services and information available society
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