Freedom to Change

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Linguistic innovation is a crucial component in Hip-Hop or Rap music and in everyday life. As Curzan and Adams mention in How English Works, there are an infinite number of possible utterances one can create from the English language. Therefore, who determines what is acceptable and what is not? Over the centuries, language has changed because of different influences. For example, Hip-Hop and Rap music emerged when African Americans used it as an expression of their struggle against oppression and economic limitations. These changes may be acceptable in some circles, but are frowned upon by the society that judges a person by the way they speak. We the people change the English language and no authority can control those changes. The use…show more content…
One might argue that this cannot be acceptable, perhaps for now—soon this word too will become of the vernacular of the majority. The use of creative utterances encompasses most of Jay-Z and Kanyes’ lyrics. They refer to the car as a “whip” (56). There appears to be an association with a fast whipping action and the car alluding that the car is also fast. A common utterance appears in line 59, “I’m about to kill it,” an expression that is used by many people. This phrase translates to be great at something and excel. One understands that he means this rather than actually about to murder something. People often say to wish them luck by expressing, “hope you kill it,” or “knock them dead.” This example is full of evidence f how language has changed and is changing every day. Lupe Fiascos shows how powerful language and language choice can be in his song, Dumb it Down. He begins a very lyrically poetic verse, explaining how he is unable to hear, or see what is going on. Lupe is describing how the use of ‘intellectual” language is not preferred by the Rap music industry. This shows how language controls the perception of many people. Lupe is attempting to expose how people define people by the way they speak. In How English Works, the power of language is focused on, “Words have the power to hurt
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