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There are different kinds of partners in the world: Black, White, Asian, Straight, Gay, etc. However, not all of them are accepted by the society. Holding someone’s hand in public? It may be the sweetest, most innocent and natural of gesture of affection. However, when it comes to a couple with the same sex, things become completely different. People may think it is disgusting. Therefore, gay couples have to tolerate others’ disgust looks and nasty words, or sometimes even worse -- a punch. The topic of whether we should support homosexuality has become more and more controversial in recent years. Although it seems like an awkward topic to write with, I still believe people should change their opinions on homosexuals. They do nothing…show more content…
Let’s round up the gays. Let’s round up the blacks. I mean, it starts with that.”(Herszenhorn 2) We can call people who killed Jews totalitarians; we can call people who have prejudices on black racialists; however, how can we call those people who have a bias towards homosexuals? Why are the government dictating what two people can or cannot do when nobody is hurt in the process? Nowadays, a large number of gay girls, boys, women, and men choose to remain hidden to society due to fear and personally internalized homophobia. However, falling in love with a same-sex person is not their fault. The fact is that we were not able to determine the seeds of who we were to become. We had no choice about many aspects of our new body and mind, including our sexual orientation. Therefore, government should not put regulations on human nature. Instead, we must offer a sympathetic ear to the pains and genuine struggles of homosexuals. Speaking of the government, I believe it is also not reasonable to make same-sex marriage illegal. Why should the governments have the right to decide who can get married and who cannot? Marriage is a “long-held, established civil institution based upon cultural expectations of long-term committed monogamy and mutual respect between two non- related adults participating in a mutually consensual, intimate relationship.”(Homosexuality 1) It is a basic human right and an individual personal choice and
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