Freeganism: An Eco-friendliness Way of Living Essay examples

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The world is inhabited by numerous cultures consisting of different lifestyles. Freeganism is a subculture that is ordinarily unheard of. The characteristics are impressively diverse from those most would associate with everyday life. The capitalistic culture incorporates commodified food, organized structure, ‘hygienically clean’, easier accessible foods, and more individualization. On the other hand, a freegan culture is comprised of free food, a less organized structure, ‘dirty’ foods with a chance of being raw or rotten, slower food and lifestyle, and is more socially connected (Edwards and Mercer). Those living this standard of life are scavengers of the developed world, living off consumer waste in an effort to minimize their…show more content…
This way of living is motivated not by laziness or incapabilities, but by a desire to devote time to community service, activism, caring for family, appreciating nature, and enjoying life. Choosing to lead a freegan lifestyle comes along with many obstacles. The obvious risk of consuming harmful bacteria is always possibility and has even sparked legal dispute as to whether or not it should be considered theft (Thomas). The complications go further than jumping from dumpster to dumpster in hopes of discovering something edible. This type of livelihood is very interactive and requires a vast amount of discipline. They focus on using less packaging, and less energy which demands them to pay attention to the detail of each substance affiliated with their life that people tend to take for granted, such as pop machines and the packaging of food (Edward and Mercer). Utilizing as few resources as possible can prove to be difficult and unfeasible by many. As a result of minimizing the amount of buying consumer goods, the clothing style will vary from person to person. Occasionally a group will find clothing, furniture, and accessories, but it’s most common for people to attend flea markets, ‘freemeets’, or browse a website [www.] where users post unwanted items. The clothing could be in good condition or tattered and worn; it’s all dependant on the person and what is available. In practicing this eco-friendliness way of living their outlook of the world
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