Freeman-Brown Case Study. Interaction With External Environment.

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Freeman-Brown Case Study
Interaction with External Environment Since organizations are open and complex adaptive systems they must interact with their external environment. The external environment could consist of many things such as money, people, materials, technology, information, etc. The external environment supplies these inputs and then the organization will create goods or services using the inputs provided by the environment. Organizations are then turning the resources they are provided with into final outputs. This is called an open system. Once the organization has provided the final output for the environment, the environment then consumes the output and then provides consumer feedback that the organization analyses to see …show more content…

There was room for improvement for both the open system and complex adaptive system in this organization.
Organizational Culture and Organizational Climate The organizational culture and climate were both factors that seemed to be leading to the closings of the Culpeper and Hampton campuses and ultimately led to the closure of the Staunton campus. Looking at the organization in terms of management, the lack of communication appeared to be a contributor to its suffering. The parents, students and most shockingly, the faculty were all ill-informed by those running the institutions. While their focus seemed to be on comforting families and eliminating stress in these situations, they did not exchange honest and constructive information with them which resulted in a very hostile situation and left many of the students without schools. Not only did this affect the families of the students, but it also had a significant effect on the faculty, who were shocked by the changes. From the start, the organization had set a precedent that they were both community and achievement oriented. Consequently, the organization lost the name they had made for themselves because of their failure to communicate to those that invested their time and trust in the institution.
The decisions that Dr. Murphy and Caudill made had very negative effects on the community and were not well executed. The parents had invested their money in their organization and the

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