Freestyle Swimming Is A Category For A Swim Competition

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Freestyle swimming is a category for a swim competition. Swimming has known to be around for more than 10,000 years and freestyle swimming was one of the most common forms of swimming. In the 1830’s swimming became more of a competitive sport. By 1837 the NSS was holding swimming competitions in England. The sport grew popular in the 1880’s and there was three hundred regional clubs across the country. International Swimming Federation (FINA), had the rules of what freestyle is. It had said “freestyle is just a choice of the swimming technique you can use.” ( Freestyle races are the most common of all the styles. Mainly during freestyle races the front crawl technique was used because it was usually the fastest. Even though during a freestyle race, the racer can chose which style they want, It is not common to see the dog paddle or the sidestroke. Then besides the front crawl it is common to see breaststroke, butterfly, and the backstroke being used. But the styles have the most speed would be the front crawl or the australian, which are the most picks for any races and competitions. The first Olympic Games were a male only competition. In Paris is where the second Olympic Game was held. The 4000 m freestyle competition was the long swimming race until the 10k swim competition was brought in 2008. FINA the swimming association was formed in 1908. Freestyle competitions were also swum in different styles. Example : at lower skilled

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