Freewill In Oedipus The King

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Is Oedipus a puppet of the gods in a tragedy of destiny / fate or does he have some degree of freedom? If he has freedom, of what does it consist, and do you consider it a substantial amount of freedom? I SHALL ARGUE THAT Oedipus IS a pawn of Olympus. The gods could control the fate of any mortal that they choose. Oedipus IS a tragic example of this idea. The gods already planned out everything that happens to Oedipus. Oedipus cannot avoid his destiny, no matter how hard he tries. In fact, by trying to avoid his fate, he walks right into it.
Before Oedipus even has the ability to walk, his destiny IS revealed. An oracle came to the father of Oedipus, Laius, and told him that Oedipus would kill him (784). In an attempt to prevent this prophecy from coming true, the king fastened Oedipus’ ankles, and had a servant sent the newborn to a mountain (791). In this situation, it looked as if the prophecy would not come true, and that Laius had outwitted the gods. However, Oedipus did not die. A man rescued Oedipus from the mountain and took him to Corinth, where he lived with the king and queen, Polybus and Merope (1124). Despite leaving his true parents, Oedipus IS still on track to fulfill his destiny.
Many years later, Apollo came
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Even when Jocasta scoffs at the prophecy, it still comes true (778). The most ironic part IS that in their attempts to prevent the prophecy, they set the prophecy into action. Oedipus too realizes this at the end of the story, as he acknowledges that Apollo caused him his pain (1467). Oedipus tries with all of his might to use his "freedom" to provide himself with a different outcome. Sadly, his attempts prove to be futile. Despite Oedipus blinding himself at the end of the play (1469), he WAS blind all along, as he couldn't see the truth. The place Oedipus believed to be a safe haven turned out to be the very place where he fulfilled his tragic
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