Freire Homosexual Issues In Christianity

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Homosexuality is an extremely controversial topic in society today. In Christianity its has become a topic is taboo or preferred not to be mentioned at all. It is a controversial topic because many people think it is wrong to talk about it. Homosexuals serving in the ministry has also become something that many people do not know what to do about it because of its complication. The modern christian church is known to accept and allow them to serve or not. According to the bible homosexuality is a sin against God therefore homosexuals should not be allowed to serve. I interviewed Pastor Marcos Freire from All People’s Church located in Lynwood California about this topic and his answer was very biased and one sided in a way. He said that he is against the modern church wanting to accept homosexuals as leaders in the church. He said he has had certain homosexuals try to serve in this ministry but he has not allowed because he believes that it is morally wrong. He said “they're accepted into the church because you need to love them but them being in the ministry is just something else”. However when I interviewed Pastor Julian from The Church of Christ he said he would “allow them to serve but not in big leadership roles”. I agree with him because as Leviticus 18:22 says, “that a man sleeping…show more content…
It undermines God's created order where he made Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, to carry out his command to fill and subdue the earth (Genesis 1:28). Homosexuality cannot fulfill that mandate. Also, homosexuality undermines the basic family unit of husband and wife which is the God-ordained means of procreation. Again, homosexuality cannot do that. And, believe it or not, homosexuality is also dangerous to society.According to the center for disease control, 2% of U.S. population is gay yet it accounts for 61% of HIV infection: "Men who with men have sex remain the group most heavily affected by new HIV
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