Freire On Oppression

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Freire (1972) makes the argument that the transformation of the oppressed is possible. Additionally, he claims that the oppressed can liberate themselves from oppression (Freire 1972). As an aspiring school teacher, the vivid concept of the banking model coupled with the understanding that the oppressed can in fact liberate themselves poised a new praxis for me. My initial aspirations as a future educator were to serve as a leader who would save the oppressed. Freire’s (1972) research has allowed me to acknowledge that my aspirations could pose detrimental to my future students. My focus on playing the role of savior could simply make me the narrating subject and students the listening objects without allowing students to consider a critical reality. Freire (1972) makes light of the idea of dialogue and cooperation. Along with rejecting the banking model in my practice, I hope to engage students and traditional teachers in a dialogue that will encourage a healthy love for the oppressed and acknowledgement for the oppressors.…show more content…
Frerie (1972) makes the case that liberation is achieved through self-actualization and unity. This concept makes me recall important times in my life. I’ve met particular milestones because of the guidance and critical realizations that I have concluded through the dialogue with mentors. Freire’s (1972) study frames this by rejecting the banking model of education and encourage organizational cooperation through dialogue and mutual love. I believe when dialogue happens through a lens of love, cooperation could be achieved. Thus, leading to what could be, for self actualized
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