Freire's Critique

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In Freire’s analysis of the educational system, he lists his concerns about the methods in which students are taught. According to Freire, students are only taught to retain information which stifles one’s education because students are unable to challenge the information being taught. Freire cites that this method is the equivalent of a banking system, since the professor “deposits” information into the students and like depositories the students accept the information. This method of learning is inefficient because students are deemed ignorant and professors are considered all-knowing. Moreover, a student’s creativity could diminish since the method would suppress one’s critical thinking skills and lead students to think passively. However, Freire believes that in order to resolve the mishap a problem-posing education would be more efficient.…show more content…
Through a problem-posing education, an educator and a student work together and exchange ideas about different concepts.The purpose of Freire’s critique was to introduce new ideas and highlight the problems affecting the educational system
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