French And English Gothic Cathedrals

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French and English Gothic Cathedrals Gothic Europe was a time of change in many aspects of life. Aside from the change in art and architecture, philosophical and religious revolutions were occurring. The social transformations fueled the fire behind the changes in art and architecture. As we know, any time the social aspects change it flows into the artistic side of life. Additionally, new architectural technology and improvements helped to transform the architecture of the Gothic period to fit the specific desires of the new ideologies. While cathedrals and other places of worship had already been developed and even expanded to accommodate the influx of traffic due to religious pilgrimages, the Gothic period took cathedrals to a different level. New ideologies behind Christianity created the need to alter the construction of places of worship. Abbot Suger, the abbot of Saint-Denis and a largely influential patron of Gothic architecture, embraced this new thought and created designs that would enable churches to allow a “guiding” light to enter and illuminate cathedrals for worshippers (Gardner, 2009, p. 472). Opening up the churches to light meant a new construction and support system was necessary (“Gothic”). Elaborate designs and elements added to the churches façade helped to create a new look while also assisting the support aspect of the structure. Looking at a Gothic cathedral viewers are in awe of the dramatic features that make the structure so magnificent.
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