French Art : A Testimony Of The Fight For Freedom

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Kalyn Harley
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18 June 2015
French Art: a Testimony of the Fight for Freedom
Throughout the course of the past four centuries in France, the value of liberty and freedom transcends from history into art. During the American Revolutionary War, Lafayette, a Frenchman, risked his life with the decision to assist the American people with the fight for freedom against England. America’s accomplishment inspired French citizens to start their own revolution against their oppressive monarchy. Artists captured the essence of revolution in their works, such as Delacroix did in his Liberty Leading the People. The progression of time transforms France as a country along with its artistic culture. As observed with World War I and World War II, artistic styles transformed, searching for an appropriate way to embody the emotions and horrors of war into artwork. New styles also appeared as a power struggle occurred between the Nazis and artistic society for Germany desired to extinguish anything and anyone they viewed as degenerate.
An absolute monarchy governed France like every other European country. However, a new age of philosophy promoted the ideas of liberty and equality. A French philosopher Voltaire was among these philosophers. He made the statement in his 1756 essay, “All men have equal rights to liberty, to their property, and to the protection of the laws.” This idea would inspire America’s Declaration of Independence.
France desired the…

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