French As A Native Language

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French As A Native Language: An analysis and examination of areas in Western Europe

Language has consistently been a fundamental tool and method in order to communicate with diverse individuals, who associate themselves and belong to various civilizations of the world. Every human being born in this world grows up learning a native language. A native language is learned from one’s parents in one’s home, and an individual can have more than one native language if they were brought up speaking different languages at the same time. Native languages cannot be gained later in life, and a language is only native if one grew up speaking it. The ‘continent’ of Europe is a conventional way of thinking of the world. Europe is a grand landmass that
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Europe accounts for 39.87% of the French-speaking population […] In Europe (excluding France), the largest populations of French speakers are essentially to be found in Belgium (45% of the population), Switzerland (20% of the population) and Luxembourg. French is Europe’s second most widely spoken mother tongue with over 77 million speakers”. The French language can be seen spoken in different environments. It is spoken in homes, schools, the government, such as in the United Nations and most distinctively in the European Union. In Western Europe a large majority of the population learns more than one language growing up due to the close proximity to other ‘countries’ who’s official language may be different. There are five distinct regions in Western Europe where the French language is the population’s native language: the French Republic, Wallonia, the Principality of Monaco, the Swiss Federation, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The French Republic is characterized as a unitary state and a semi-presidential system enabled by the French Fifth Republic. The French Fifth Republic was established in 1958 as the aftermath of the French Fourth Republic, which preceded the governmental system and Republican Constitution set into place. The current President of the French Republic is François Holland with Prime Minister Manuel Valls. In this governmental system elections are held democratically. The citizen elects the President, who then appoints the
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