French Baroque Art As An Expression Of Absolutism

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French baroque art is sometimes regarded as an expression of absolutism because Louis XIV used his power and control over art and the artistic freedom of the people to use for his own personal gains. “Louis XIV especially manipulated art to serve as propaganda for his absolutist policies”(738). Art was obviously popular at the time and he knew art would be the best way to “convey the majesty and strength of the monarchy”(738). An example of the control he was trying to enforce is shown in Le Brun’s “The Expressions”(746). The piece was to be “used as formulas by the artists to establish narratives in their paintings that could be easily read by viewers”(746). The king wanted so much control over every detail. I believe this is a preventive to avoid having an artist depict a scene involving the King or anything related to the King and his power that has an “unclear” facial expression that could be viewed as a negative connotation towards the King and his ruling. That situation is not something Louis XIV would have been okay with, which is why he tried to control it. “Because…vast…projects glorified the French King, we are tempted to think of French art in the age of Louis XIV as merely an expression of absolute rule”(738). If there was any speculation about an artist’s work that didn’t obviously glorify the King, he wasn’t going to allow it, which is basically absolutism. Rococo is a combination of “baroque” and “recaille” meaning a style of art that “represents a period
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