French-Canadian Nationalism Essay

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French-Canadian Nationalism For nearly two centuries the inhabitants of New France lived their day to day lives under the French Regime. The colony of New France was shaped by such institutions as the Catholic Church, and the seigneural system. After the Conquest of 1763, the inhabitants of New France now found themselves under the control of the British monarch. However, the life for the inhabitants of New France, virtually remained unchanged. It was not until the American Revolution, that the inhabitants of New France began to feel the British presence. As a result of the American Revolution many British subjects, who became known as the United Empire Loyalists migrated north…show more content…
The French population consisted mainly of habitants, and other lower class trades. On the opposite end of the spectrum was the English population who dominated the industrial and commercial sectors of Lower Canada(particularly the region around the St. Lawrence). This gave the English a huge advantage over the French, economically and socially. The French and English who basically lived independent from one another, did feel immediate tensions, yet for the Canadiens it was the threat of assimilation that always lingered. The implementation of the British Parliamentary system in Lower Canada that saw the tensions between French and English reach a peak. Under the British Parliamentary system there was a governor of Lower Canada, who was appointed by the British; an executive council and a legislative council, which were appointed and an elected assembly. The appointments of these councils were decided by the British and hence a system of heritoscracy was in place. This developed a situation in which the Canadiens were a distinct minority in the non-elective branches of the government: in the legislative council they had seven out of sixteen members, and in the executive council they had four out of nine. The only possibility that could allow

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