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The issue of slavery has been a major point of debate in the history of man. The rights of African slaves during the Enlightenment and the French Revolution created controversies arose over the issue of slavery. People living in France during the Enlightenment and revolutionary times had debated that slavery was needed in order for France to avoid an economic shock, slavery should end, slaves needed rights, and slaves were better off being slaves than free. Men hadargued that slavery was needed in order for France to stay afloat. A delegate from Bordeuax had stated in a speech in the National Assembly that "the abolition of slavery and the slave trade would mean the loss of our colonies...the colonies bring in an annual income of more…show more content…
Louis de Jaucourt stated that "masters who acquired new slaves were obligated by law them instructed in the Catholic faith." In return, this had convinced Louis XIII to "authorize this horrid commerce in human flesh." This practice was only used to simply boost the number of Catholics in the world. DDenis Diderot, a philosophe, asks "Why did the Christian powers not consider that their religion was fundamentally opposed to black slavery?" He answers this in saying that the nations that condone slavery "needed slaves for their colonies, plantations, and mines." The unfortunate blending of slavery and a nation's economy creates an unstable situation of morals and

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